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Here at Northwood, we love our Critters! We raise AKC Chihuahua's & AKC Labrador Retrievers! We are located on a farm in Somerset, Pennsylvania, only a few miles from the Flight 93 Memorial, and about 1 hour southeast of Pittsburgh, PA. Our pups enjoy the nice fresh mountain air, and laid back country life!

We raise all Chihuahua's, regular size, teacup's and micro's. We have long haired and short haired, and all our Chihuahua's are very light colored. We have solid white and solid fawn, and almost solid white and almost solid fawn. We have long haired, smooth coat or short haired, and rough coat, which is short haired but not as smooth as smooth coat. All of our adults and pups are AKC certified, Champion Bloodlines.

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Northwood Kennels
Alecia Zimmerman
Somerset, PA 15501
(814) 443-2707

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